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Development platform

For developping, we use a customized template of the oar-docker appliance. Here's how to build it, supposing you already have installed oar-docker (see

  # Get the OAR sources if not already done
  cd ~/src
  git clone
  git checkout 2.5
  # Get the CIGRI sources if not already done
  git clone
  # Go into the OAR sources directory
  cd oar
  # Initialize the oar-docker applicance with the jessie-cigri template
  oardocker init -e jessie-cigri
  # Build the images
  oardocker build
  # Install oar from the sources
  oardocker install .
  # Launch the cigri installation script
  ~/src/cigri/tools/oardocker/ ~/src/cigri
  # Connect to the oar-docker cluster's frontend, which is also the cigri frontend
  oardocker connect frontend

With such a setup, you can directly code into you ~/src/cigri repository and you can completely re-install oar and cigri from scratch in a few seconds on a fresh Debian/jessie image in one shot for testing:

  oardocker stop clean install . && ~/src/cigri/tools/oardocker/ ~/src/cigri

Some diagrams

Global diagram



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