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CiGri Features

CiGri v3 main features

  • Big job campaigns management (> 100000)
  • OAR best-effort jobs management (automatic re-submission)
  • Submission with a JSON description file and optional parameters file
  • Users/Clusters affinity (prioritizing users on some clusters)
  • Smart events management (events aggregation, stderr pull, blacklisting…)
  • Admission rules
  • Test mode
  • Smart queue load management (adaptative runners)
  • OAR array jobs submission (reduced submission overhead)
  • Cluster stress detection
  • RESTful API based communications with OAR
  • RESTful API provided for client apps
  • Full control of campaigns from CLI
  • Per cluster campaign prologue/epilogue jobs
  • Customizable users notifications (Mail or Jabber)
  • Grid usage stats
  • Per cluster/campaign limit of the number of jobs
  • Heavy trace system (database)

In developpement or planned features

  • Tasks/clusters affinity
  • Besteffort schedules
  • Smart temporal or dimensional grouping
  • Grid5000 API support
  • Web portal
  • Jobs duplication
  • Efficient cleaning

Best-effort optimization example

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